Lightweight, easy to use WordPress plugins and self-hosted PHP applications for small business owners.

Get your small business under control with fast, simple, affordable online solutions.

WordPress Plugins

Time Slot Booking WordPress Plugin

Lightweight, easy to use WordPress time slot booking plugin for any business that needs to let their customers schedule appointments with them.

Inventory Management and Tracking Plugin for WordPress

A lightweight, easy to use plugin for WordPress that makes inventory management easier and more efficient. Organize your sales, purchase orders, shipments, receipts and much more with a fast, simple WordPress plugin solution.

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WordPress Store Locator Plugin

Locatoraid is a lightweight, easy to use WordPress store locator plugin to help your customers find your stores, dealers, hotels, restaurants, ATMs, products, or any other types of locations. A thourough set of shortcode parameters to configure the store locator search form, like default search text, search radius, view layout, limit to a state or a country, and more. REST API endpoints let you query and modify your locations with other apps or plugins. The Locate Me function lets you make use of the visitor current location. Other features include multilingual support, custom Google map styles, import and export of CSV or Excel files, stores categories, custom map icons. All these makes Locatoraid on of the most loved store locator plugins for WordPress.

WordPress Shift Scheduling Plugin

ShiftController is staff scheduling and rostering, rota planning plugin for any business that needs to manage and schedule employees. It works by organizing employees and shifts into calendars that provides a very flexible configuration environment. It also features repeating shifts, time off management, company management accounts, shift swap and pickup options. Built-in conflict prevention quickly alerts if there are any overlapping shifts or time off. Custom fields lets your add any type of additional information required for workers or managers.

Recurring Class Schedule Management WordPress Plugin

A simple schedule management WordPress plugin to generate a recurring schedule of your classes and quickly publish it on a page or a post with a shortcode.

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Online PHP Applications

Online Employee Scheduling Software

ShiftExec is online self-hosted employee scheduling software for any business that needs to manage and schedule employees. Schedule people and shifts anywhere at anytime online from your PHP & MySQL enabled website.

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Appointment Scheduling Software

Self-hosted online appointment scheduling software for massage salons, yoga studios, hair salons, photographers, tennis courts, personal tutors, spas, beauty services and other businesses that need to manage and schedule appointments with their customers.

Resource Booking PHP Script

A lightweight, easy to use self-hosted PHP application to schedule people, equipment and other resources.

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